Your Daily Singles Horoscope for June 07, 2023


All may not be fair in love and war, but the least you can do is fight fair. Arguments help you understand another point of view. However, dredging up the past is hitting below the belt.


Trying to balance your workload and social calendar may seem impossible at times, but it's essential if you want to have a life. Make time for both dates after work.


Problems could arise in a new partnership. Reassess your goals and decide if this is worth the effort. Either tackle obstacles together or dissolve the union and see if your solo act is more successful.


Stuck in a rut? Get inspired with art, music, books, and the creative people around you. Ask your coworkers and friends what they use for a muse.


Feeling alone and misunderstood? You don't need to a significant other to feel appreciated. You are loved by friends and family more than you realize.


Even though it's love you've been searching for, the idea of a creative partnership might suit you best. A passionate romance could blossom from an unusual project.


When you're busy, it's hard to balance work and social responsibilities. Something you care about may have to be sacrificed for your own mental well being. 


Your passion could lead you straight into the arms of a new lover. Join a group that supports an issue you feel strongly about. You may meet someone who shares your enthusiasm to fight the power.


Juggling career and play can be stressful or exciting depending on how you approach it. Open your mind to the possibility that both can be combined instead of working against each other.


Ride the wave instead of fighting against the current. Envision the latest obstacle as a mere ripple in the ocean of things you should care about. The less you panic the better.


When things get tough today, have a good laugh. Watch a funny video online and share it with people who could use a dose of humor. Let the giggles take over.

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