The Latest Update on Meghan Markle's Surgery Rumors: New Look

"Meghan's first public appearance after skipping coronation sparks comparisons to Kate Middleton."

"Meghan's straightened hairstyle at a friend's TED Talk generates social media curiosity."

"Twitter user questions if Meghan had more than a hairstyle change, wants to be like Kate."

Markle has been mainly absent from the public eye in recent months, leading speculation that she may have undergone some cosmetic treatments.

"Facelift, filler dissolved in lips, buccal fat removal, more filler in cheeks, Botox, more subtle veneers, chin implant is my guess," speculated a spectator.

"She had under her eyes filled and an eye lift," said another.

"Some claim Meghan changed her eye color to look like Kate, wearing hazel contact lenses. "