By- Eduardo

9 of the Gassiest Dog Breeds

Bulldogs are known to have a tendency for excessive gas due to their unique facial structure and brachycephalic anatomy.


Pugs, similar to Bulldogs, have brachycephalic features that can contribute to increased flatulence.


Boxers have a sensitive digestive system, and certain foods may lead to excessive gas production.


Basset Hounds have long bodies and are prone to swallowing air, which can lead to increased flatulence.

Basset Hound

Large breed dogs like the English Mastiff may have slower digestion, which can result in increased gas.

English Mastiff

Bloodhounds have loose skin around their face and mouth, which can contribute to swallowing air and subsequent gas.


Similar to other giant breeds, Saint Bernards have slower digestion, making them more prone to gassiness.

Saint Bernard

English Bulldogs have similar characteristics to other brachycephalic breeds, resulting in increased flatulence.

English Bulldog

Pekingese dogs have a pushed-in face, which can contribute to swallowing air and increased gas.


By- Eduardo

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