Why is April 24 Trending On TikTok? 

6 Major Facts You Need To Know -


TikTokers are warning about a concerning new trend related to April 24, which some are calling "National Rape Day."

"TikTokers Warn About Alarming Trend on April 24: 'National Rape Day'"


This is not a recognized holiday and it's unclear how the idea started.

"Unclear Origins and Not a Recognized Holiday'"


It may have originated from a video created by six men in April 2021 urging others to commit sexual assaults on April 24.

The origins of the "National Rape Day" trend on TikTok


Fact-checkers couldn't find evidence last year, but users are raising alarm bells again this year.

Rumors of "National Rape Day" on April 24 resurface on TikTok


It's important to take all threats of sexual assault seriously and report any concerning behavior to authorities.

"Taking Threats of Sexual Assault Seriously and Reporting Concerning Behavior to Authorities."


Resources for survivors of sexual assault, including hotlines and counseling services, are available and should be utilized if needed.

"Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault"