Here are 10 cat breeds that are known to have a fondness for water, along with a brief explanation:

By- Eduardo

10 cat breeds that like water

Known as "the swimming cat," Turkish Vans have a natural affinity for water and enjoy playing and swimming in it.

Turkish Van

These cats often have a fascination with water and may dip their paws or even join their owners in the shower or bath.

Maine Coon

With their wild ancestry, Bengals may enjoy water play and may even splash around in water bowls or explore running faucets.


While not all Abyssinians like water, some may show interest in playing with water and may enjoy investigating dripping faucets.


Due to their connection to the wild Serval, some Savannah cats have a liking for water-related activities.


Some Japanese Bobtails have a fascination with water and may play with water bowls or dip their paws in the water.

Japanese Bobtail

American Bobtails are curious cats that may have an affinity for water and enjoy playing with it.

American Bobtail

These cats have a water-resistant coat and are generally comfortable around water, making them more tolerant of water-related activities.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Despite being hairless, some Sphynx cats enjoy water and may tolerate baths better than other breeds.


Although not all Ragdolls are fond of water, some may have a mild interest and may tolerate water-based activities.


By- Eduardo

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