Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety

A 2013 study found that patients with anxiety problems who exercised regularly were less likely to develop anxiety symptoms.

Stay active

Natural sedative alcohol may initially calm you down. Anxiety disorders and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are linked, according to research.

Steer clear of alcohol

Stressed smokers light up. Like drinking alcohol, smoking when stressed can worsen anxiety over time.

Consider quitting smoking cigarettes

Aromatherapy is an ancient holistic therapeutic method. Natural plant extracts and essential oils improve mind, body, and spirit health. It improves physical and emotional wellness.

Try aromatherapy

Caffeine exacerbates persistent anxiety. Caffeine can create jitters, which are bad for worried people.

Limit caffeine intake

It has been demonstrated time and time again that sleep is an essential component of both good mental health and the management of anxiety.

Prioritize getting a good night’s rest

Meditation is known to relieve stress and anxiety and is a primary facet of CBT.

Meditate and practice mindfulness

Low blood sugar, dehydration, or processed food ingredients such artificial flavourings, colouring, and preservatives may trigger mood swings. High-sugar diets affect mood.

Eat a balanced diet

Anxiety causes shallow, rapid breathing. It can cause a rapid heart rate, dizziness, or fear.

Practice deep breathing

Chamomile tea relaxes and aids sleep.Tea may bind to benzodiazepine receptors and have hypnotic effects

Drink chamomile tea


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