This high-volume hairstyle features free-flowing waves. Curls are dishevelled and untidy.

Chopped High

This low-maintenance hair cut is as easy as blotting hair with a towel after a shower.

Short Length

Whether you're all about business or want a put-together look, this scissor crop puts every strand in the appropriate spots.

Tapered Hairline

It's curly or wavy as it's a strand and not twisted. The sides are tapered yet faded at the end for delicacy.

Wavy or Curly 

Separating strands can be a creative method to highlight wavy hair's rebellious traits.

Loose Strands

Slicked back is normally compressed with little to no fluff, but this one is exceptional.

Puffed Slicked

Waves are always fun, but when they are combined with another style, like brush up here, they become flashy.

Waved Brush

Inspired by the faux-hawk, this haircut lets the hair a little longer while preserving the texture.

Top with Tapered 

Sideburns and beard are blended for this appearance. The top looks amazing with a natural part.

 Beard Blend

Letting hair fall to one side disturbs the symmetry of a quiff and makes it suited for practically any scenario

Swept Quiff


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