When school is out and it's time to exhibit personality, this hairdo performs a great job.

Turned Mini 

Little guys with wavy hair are so cute. Time to show off your little prince's newborn locks!

Glowing Short

Pair a preppy school uniform with a messy, forehead-covering haircut. Trim sides, let top grow.

Down Strands

Why should your child only be a star on the field when this cool and easy haircut can make him or her a star every day?

Every Class

Volume can be tricky. Draw a strong line between the shaved bottom half and wavy top for a less-hassle kid's haircut.

Swoosh Mid Hard 

Until then, you can give your boy's hair a brush-up by playing around with a little bit of natural hair gel.

Thin Hair Looks 

This textured brush up feels very Cristiano Ronaldo, no? The fading sides balance the look and highlight his smile.

 Frizzled Side

Undercut looks well on everyone, especially with side taper. It's true and elevates the top curls.

Undercut Curls

You don't need Halloween to wear a classic cut. If your boy has naturally wavy hair, go big!

Retro Overgrown 

 it will make people take notice. The sides are tapered and faded, and the line-up is sharp.

Drake Inspired

Best Haircut Variations for Little Boys

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