Spiked Thin

Some parents express themselves through their children's hairstyles. This thin, spiky look can make children resemble their parents.

Temple Fade

This is for minis who want to look more grown up. A serious look that will shake them.

Faded Ivy

Ivy league is an ageless haircut. The fading sides make it look more mature, yet it's still cute.

Shaved Side

We leave it to you and your barber to decide if you can keep your child still for this level of detailing.

Long and Textured 

A french crop can be textured and long. The extended fringe matches the top's longer texture

Dapper Side

For classic kids, choose this style. This style fits for guys with thin hair that lays flat.

Swept with Lollipop

This child has all the attitude some of us lacked. With that hairstyle, I'd say they know it.

 Happy Kid 

There are only so many ways they can mess it up, and to be fair, that would probably look cute.

Thin Hard Part 

This haircut is very stylish, and no matter what the occasion is, it will make them look more than good.

Low Key Faux

The back of this fake hawk gives it mullet overtones. Just the front can be styled for a push-up effect.


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