This top is side-brushed with undercut tapered sides. This style is neater without fade.

Brushed Undercut

With this thick, textured undercut, less is not more. Best of all, you won't need to carry a comb around.

 Faded Undercut

a lot of volume, as seen here, but the thin curls help the undercut blend in with the cheeky hard part.

Thin Afro

The highlighted dye gives the brush a lot of style and makes it look both cool and in style.

 Slight Brush

This looks fun because of the thick part and the cheeky temple fade that saves the day.

Plus Brush Up

The hair is tousled for maximum texture, and the top is the same length all around, providing balance.

Curly Undercut

This panache can pull off an undercut side part. Buzz cut top, tapered fade sides for a neat look.

Thin Undercut

looking to stand out? The spiked top hair in this hairstyle screams fun. We'd probably trim the beard, though.

Spiky Texture 

The carefully patterned sides of this simple, low-maintenance undercut take it up a notch. It's a really cool look.

Side Pattern

This undercut keeps the sides super tight so the top hair stands out. This is a trendy look.

Brushed Back

Crazy Haircuts for Black Boys

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