Top 10 Fulani Braids To Rock In 2023

Fulani beads are an eye-catching protective style that came from the Fula people in West Africa.

Fulani Braids

Blonde hair looks good on everyone and is a great way to draw attention to your braids.

Blonde Fulani

Blue hair is brave. There are light and subdued pastels to deep and dark blues.

 Blue Fulani

Fulani braids are more than just a protective style; they are also very important to their culture.

Bridal Fulani 

The interesting patterns on the hairline of Fulani braids make them easy to spot.

 Extra Long

Fulani braids have a cornrow in the centre of the hairline, cornrows on either side

Fulani and Milkmaid

You can channel the 90s with a cute and expressive hairstyle that combines Fulani braids 

 Half up Half Down 

Fulani braids are a protective style that can be traced back to the Fula people in West Africa.

Braids Lob

Depending on how you care for them and what style you choose, Fulani braids can last up to five weeks.

 Braids Updo

Fulani braids have a central cornrow, side cornrows, and a braid around the hairline.

 Afro Hair


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