Top 10 Effective Hair Density Boosters

Invest in Superior Quality Hair Products

If you were born with thick hair but it has thinned, you may be using low-quality products containing hazardous substances.

Treat Hair Gently

People clean their scalps to remove dirt, grime, and other hair pollutants. Scrubbing nails can cause abrasions and infections. Hair should be washed gently.

Massage Scalp Gently

Massage is part of hair care. Oil massages can prevent hair loss and improve hair density.

Modify Your Diet

Healthy eating goes far. A good diet helps improve hair texture, shine, growth, and density. Iron-deficient foods include vitamin B6, B3, antioxidants, acid, zinc .

Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

Aloe vera gel improves hair quality and soothes and conditions the scalp to reduce damage. Unlocking hair follicles boosts hair growth.

Use Fenugreek Seeds

Vitamin C-rich fenugreek seeds promote hair growth, density, and reduce dryness. Fenugreek seeds increase hair density, lustre, and smoothness.

Apply Egg Hair Mask

Eggs' nutrients, minerals, and proteins improve hair quality and smoothness. Since hair is 95% protein, eggs feed the scalp and roots. 

Get Rid of Stress

Stress affects several health issues, including hair health. Stress pushes hair follicles into'resting phase' Resting slows hair growth.

Extra Supplements

In a busy life, eating properly seems impossible. Supplements can help you meet your nutritional needs.

Visit a Trichologist

If you continue to lose hair density, see a trichologist. The expert may also know how to boost frontal hair density.