How to hide a bad haircut

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You never really know how a hairstyle looks until you start from scratch and try it yourself. Wash it and try to style it yourself to get the best hair possible.

Wash Your Hair

First of all, one bad haircut certainly does not make you ugly. One bad haircut also does not change anything else about your appearance.

Look in the Mirror

If you really can't even with the cut and are too embarrassed to wear your hair down, now is the perfect time to become a hat person.

Wear Hats More

you can use the little tools to create some pretty neat hairstyles — no hair tie or hair length necessary.

Bobby Pins

Unfortunately, you're stuck with this cut until your hair grows out. Make the best of it by trying new styles, products or tools.

Try New Styles

 try to perfect the top knot, messy bun, or the ballerina bun to disguise a less-than-perfect haircut.

Master The Top Knot

Big headbands look great on everyone and can cover up those annoying short layers that simply won't reach all the way to your bun.


A healthy, balanced diet (with vitamins promoting natural hair growth) is key.

Eat Your Vitamins

This is more of a distraction mechanism, but who's to say your crush won't notice your chunky necklace or statement earrings before he/she notices your bangs?


Don't knock the cut until you try it. After you wash your hair and style it yourself, at least sport it around town for a day. 

Embrace The Style


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