10 Unexpected Foods to Fuel Your Workout

Applesauce's natural sugars can be a great way to boost performance because they are easy to carry and digest quickly.


Dismiss claims that potatoes are unhealthy. Elite athletes around the world eat potatoes.


Rice is a versatile, well-tolerated grain. Rice cereal is a quick breakfast or snack.

Rice Cereal

There's nothing hard about this: water is fuel. Even though it has no calories, it is the medium for all performance.


Oats are another healthy carb that can fuel your workout and help you recover afterward.


"Energy bites" and "power balls" are snackable combinations of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, cereals, and even chocolate.


The most important thing to remember is that this benefit only lasts a very short time if you don't eat food with it.


Pre-workout, eat low-fiber bread. Spread on peanut butter or avocado for a portable pre-workout snack.

White Bread

Yogurt might seem like an obvious choice, but the kind you choose should match how you work out.


Plus, they're a natural supply of nitrates, which may improve blood flow and endurance.

Beet Juice

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