10 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

If you want long hair that is genuinely healthy, you must have regular cuts. 

Get frequent trims

Long, strong hair isn't only about what you put on it; it's also about what you eat.

 right diet

If your diet isn't giving you enough nutrition, a supplement could make a huge difference.

hair-healthy vitamin

Two to three shampoos a week allow natural oils to penetrate hair, hydrating it.

hydrate more

As elegant as platinum hair is, moving from dark to light blonde could cut your hair's length.

Lay off the bleach

If you must use heat, he recommends reducing the temperature and adding a heat protectant.

Avoid heat styling

Going to bed with unbrushed hair may seem enticing, but it's bad for your hair and scalp.

Brush hair regularly

A hot shower can make your skin and hair dry out, and it can also be hard on your hair.

 Keep showers cooler

Wet hair is more likely to break than dry hair, so instead of shampooing, detangle hair first.

 Protect from physical damage

Minoxidil is FDA-approved to reduce hair loss and enhance hair regeneration with prolonged use.

Try using minoxidil


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