10 Nail Art Trends We’re Loving

3D drawing isn't as frightening as it seems. "The art appears more like sculptures than polished nails."

Droplet Manicure

If you're looking for the colour of the moment, a lot of artists are using blue tones in their work.

Blue Art

Think of it as a regular French manicure, maybe in a fun colour and with another design element.

Embellished French

When it comes to our nails, we don't always choose practicality over making a bold statement.

Hoops & Charms

It's entertaining and versatile: earth-tone tones make it mellow, while bright colours make it vivid.

Bright Swirl

Each nail has unique art. We'll see nail decals, press-ons, and hand-painted art in interesting colour and pattern combos.

Combo Art

We've been going through some hard times, and for many of my clients, nail art has been a bright spot.

Hot Red

 hope confetti-style glitter trends in 2022." They're festive, lively, and fit any 'theme' or season.

Confetti Glitter

drawn to green gradients as a hint to new beginnings, winter growth, and a color's range.

Earthy Greens

Two-toned French manicures are an easy way to enhance your nail game. You may pair it with nearly any colour.

Two-Toned French

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