10 Iconic Justin Bieber Haircuts

This Justin Bieber-inspired haircut was nicknamed the shaggy top with side-swept fringe, the bowl cut, the fringe

The Justin Bieber

The multi-award-winning singer cut his hair shorter, showing off more of his eyebrows and new earrings

Tousled Mop Top

Bieber's romance with Grammy-nominated Selena Gomez is working wonders for his hair.

Spiked Up Top

Justin Bieber's haircut changes are a dime a dozen, but they always make headlines.

Quiff with Short Sides

Fans voiced their disbelief without hesitation. Bieber's platinum blonde hair sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Faux Hawk

he wore a black-inspired hairdo, he was accused of racism and cultural appropriation.

Blonde Dreadlocks

It's long, blonde, and smooth. With a striking blue suit, it was supposed to inspire respect.

Long Slicked Back

Bieber didn't mind racial comments about his dreadlocks because he grew them again after 5 years.

Dreadlocks Turned

Justin Bieber was commando once. No more dreadlocks, long hair, or spikes; he shaved it all off.

Buzz Cut

Everyone, even Justin Bieber, goes through a phase where they have long hair.

Skater Hair

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