10 Foods For Stronger Hair and Nails

 eat mushrooms. Fungi are rich in vitamin D, making hair strong and lustrous.


One tablespoon of wheat germ oil includes 20.2-milligrams of vitamin E, which improves hair and skin health.

Wheat Germ Oil

Spinach contains hair-healthy elements including iron and vitamin E, so eating it can help strengthen your locks.


If your hair is getting thinner or falling out all together, you might not be eating enough zinc.


To keep that from happening to you or your hair, eat foods like walnuts that are full of linolenic and alpha-linolenic acids.


Selenium, an essential trace element, helps prevent oxidative damage and create hair follicles.

Brazil Nuts

There are 523 milligrammes of the essential amino acid in a half-cup serving of the legumes.

Black Beans

To keep your scalp and hair healthy, stock up on antioxidants, which combat oxidative stress.


Fingernails are comprised of transparent keratin protein, so a diet high in the muscle-building, satiating vitamin is crucial.


There are nine important vitamins and minerals in lentils, like B vitamins and biotin.


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