10 Best Variations of Shaved Sides for Men

The drop cut behind your ear creates a natural-looking curve, and the loose pompadour on top adds volume.

Drop Low Fade 

If you choose a hairstyle that requires less maintenance, you don't have to give up style.

French & Choppy

With thicker hair, you have more ways to style it. Bring your hair up and use some product to keep it that way.

Hair with Designer

A high fade is a great way to keep your look neat and clean. It also looks good on men of all ages.

Blonde Top Knot

To counteract the stiffness of the undercut, you can style it with a loose brush-up to look casual and easy.

Hardline Design 

Choppy fringe adds texture to your hair, and a cool design on the shaved fade can show off your individuality.

Choppy Side Fringe

Combining it with a thin fade that's perfect for warmer weather gives a strong contrast to your longer top.

Top Knot 

This variation on the side part will take you out of your comfort zone because of how futuristic and modern it looks.

Hardline Skin Fade

You can now have shorter sides, a longer top and front, and a longer backside.

Blonde Mullet

You can also pair it with a clean low fade to frame your face and jawline with a smooth transition.

Fade and Full


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