Tape Up Haircut Ideas For a Fresh Look

Straight, fine hair may suit this style. Notice how they've employed textured hair and a textured top.

Tape Up

Medium-short length on top works well with the short line up in this tape up style.

Up Haircut

Park Bo Gum is a South Korean actor and singer who wears a style called "tape up" that we don't see as often.

Classy Tape

We meant it when we stated you could experiment with tape-up styles and designs. A double-line pattern with heavy curls.

Loose Curls

This style is a tape up version that doesn't taper to the skin like the Park Bo Gum haircut.

Heavy Bangs

If you only saw the front of his haircut, you'd probably think it's pretty simple and not very interesting.

Square Neckline

All together, this is a great look. The fade choices in the haircut look great with the beard.

 Up and Short

Since the tape up style is so versatile, it can be changed to fit any style you want.

Wavy Top

You can add as much individuality as you like to any haircut, but especially a tape up.

Neckline Design

The mullet and tape up are making a comeback, and we enjoy seeing them done well.

Line Design 


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