Summer Top Buns and Knots

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This casual top-knot can keep you cool and professional at work, shopping, or the beach. The natural medium-blonde tint matches many skin tones.

Easy daytime top-knot

This bride will look great with a veil put over her braided top-knot. Two stylish base twists offer structure and movement to a caramel and pale golden blonde formal updo.

Elegant blonde braid top-knot

This young look also has an expensive, urban-chic hair colour design, with great two-tone head-braids and a "roughly pinned" bun. 

dark roots & blonde ombre bun

This retro updo is perfect for smooth hair. It's sleeker now, with bouffant height above and below the top-knot. This beautiful haircut has flowing wisps that soften the face.

Cottage-loaf Bun 

This high, top-bun with a fantasy hair colour pattern is party-ready. The inverted braid keeps hair off the neck for a cool nape.

Rainbow Colours

This top bun is far from blonde, pretty summer hairstyles. The top-knot is inspired by the classic Chinese martial-arts warrior bun. 

Elegant Looped Top Bun

Summer is the time to experiment with hairstyles and colours, so sea-green and blue streaked haircuts are a fun fantasy appearance. 

Trendy head braids with dark roots

Here's a flexible, semi-formal top bun with a causal loop pattern. You may wear this conservative updo to supper on Saturday night and church on Sunday.

Stylish semi-formal chignon

This young style features pricey, urban-chic hair colour, two-tone head-braids, and a 'roughly pinned' bun. 

Fab Big Squashy Bun

This stylish but informal updo works for day or night. This blonde bun-at-the-back is excellent for a business meeting with a black suit.

Japanese-Style High Bun

Trendy Dutch braid hairstyles

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