This haircut is sure to turn heads because the bald fade makes the big spikes stand out in a big way.

Spiky Texture 

This disconnected mohawk is one of the most extreme hairstyles on this list, but it's also one of the most eye-catching.

Blonde Mo-Hawk

This unique haircut suits older males who wish to stand out. This style's skin fading is unique.

Fade + Side 

Fine hair looks best in short styles like this. You can brush it up or smooth it back thanks to its length.

Classic Side

Fine fading sides with a shaved line can be a challenging part or a pattern, but it's stylish.

Yet Trendy 

Well, here it is. The sides are tapered and faded in the right places, making it a classic example.

Hardline Design

Shaves come in all shapes and sizes, but this one has to be one of a kind, and once it's perfect, there's no going back.

Thundered Shave

It's not easy to get that drip undercut, and it's even harder to stop it from dripping style.

Dripping Sides

We haven't seen many people with chameleon haircuts, and they are so rare that there aren't many of them.

Mohawk Cut

want a style that is bold and daring, you should definitely think about an inspired pattern like the one shown here.

Holidays Haircut


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