10 Side-Swept Bangs to Show Your Stylist ASAP

Instead of shears, a feather razor can give your bangs a light, airy finish.

Razor Cut Bangs

These side-swept bangs are stylish thanks to a messy part and dry texture spray.

Effortlessly Cool

Movement in the hair can make it feel lighter, no matter how heavy or thick it is.

Lighten Your Load

If you keep your bangs blunt, you can sometimes get a very soft look.

Keep It Soft

This shows that texture and movement may improve a natural hairdo.

Curly Bangs

With face-framing bangs being so popular in side-swept styles, use what you have.

Use What You Have

We adore how this movement starts at the roots and ends with bangs.

Lots of Movement

Use an extra-large round brush to add some height to long side-parted bangs.

Added Height

No matter how you curl your hair, always brush through it to soften the end result.

Retro Crop

Some parts are harder to change than others, and you might feel like you can't even try.

Side-Swept Split

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