Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Textured Bob

This textured bob is gorgeous and full of volume thanks to the side part.

2. Blonde Pixie

If you keep the top long and give it a little curl, this pixie will scream style.

3. Short Mohawk

This stunning mohawk has style and drama. Your hair gets colour, drama, and trim.

4. Undercut

With an undercut, you can show off your own style while keeping some of your hair longer.

5. Short Pixie

You don't need drama to acquire a cut pixie, just add a nice design.

6. Sleek Lob

If you want your hair to be a little bit longer, this sleek lob is perfect for you.

7. Curls Galore

Accept your curls and give your hair a nice shaved design for a great look.

8. Boyish Pixie

Keeping your pixie cut long and adding colour and layers will make you look great all day.

9. Red Pixie

If you like your hair short but want to change it up, try a fun colour like this gorgeous red.

10. Waves

It might take a while, but once you get the waves, you won't want to go back


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