07 zero calorie foods

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Around 75% of a celery stick is water and the rest comprises fiber which helps you feel full for long. A 100-gram serving contains merely 16 calories 


With just 16 calories in a 100-gram serving, cucumber is the best snack for weight watchers. It works well as a salad, cold soup or even a smoothie


Be it as a stir-fry, pizza topping or a soup, mushrooms add life to any dish. The best part: one cup of mushrooms has just 15 calories


Whether you have it as a sabzi or a soup, you can rest assured that cabbage has given you hardly any additional calories – a 100-gram portion contains 25 calories


Load up your pasta with zucchini slices to drastically bring down the fat quotient. A 100-gram portion of this cucumber-lookalike has barely 17 calories.


 Popeye had made a smart choice. This leafy green is both nutritious and filling. The latest research has found that spinach contains a compound, thylakoid,


This tangy treat is touted to be among the ‘healthiest foods available’ and contains just 17 calories per 100 grams.


Side Effects Of Eating Bananas Every Day

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