Ryan Reynolds10 Best Styles Ever

An undercut? Ryan's style may appear unique, but it's probably simply how often he has his hair cut.

May 2014

Another style from his youth, this long, swept-back cut goes well with his simple yet elegant facial hair.

August 2007

Ryan Reynolds experimented with his haircuts in the past. This medium-length cut is elegant.

June 2011

This particular cut is a crew cut, which must be one of the shortest hairstyles he's ever had.

March 2011

This one also stood out to us. Can you think of why? Yes, it's the careless tuft on this regular cut that does it.

April 2009

This regular taper with a side part is something of a Ryan Reynolds classic. It's the hairstyle we all associate with him.

December 2011

Is it a new look or just a bad hair day? This messy, medium-length style shows Mr. Reynolds when he was younger.

August 2011

This curly quiff is unique for Ryan Reynolds. It has longer hair everywhere, but matches his thick beard well.

January 2007

Even if you don't believe it, his classic regular taper does not have a side part. Sometimes.

June 2011

Reynolds made this style extra clean, but the sides are longer than usual. It looks like a tame and cheeky quiff.

June 2009


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