Popular Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair

Depending on the way your hair is curly, a style like this will look a little different on each person.

Clear Low Fade

Having wavy hair gives you natural volume; play it up with product and texture to create a robust top.

Subtle Low Fade

This neat quiff with tapering edges is a terrific illustration of how a polished hairstyle can be worn casually.

Clean Quiff

This winged wavy quiff is a less extreme variation on the statement haircut made known by A Flock of Seagulls.

Wavy Quiff

With its waves and shaved neckline, this cut may be a more socially acceptable alternative to the mullet.

 Waves with Shaved

If you don't want to spend hours blow-drying your hair, this style looks best when you let your natural curls do their thing.

Curly Fringes

This haircut celebrates youth. Clean sides and tapering temples give a sleek, friendly style.

Short Waves

Pushing hair out of the face is sleek and fierce. Shiny blonde hair highlights the waves.

Blonde Push Back

As the name implies, the fade focuses on the temples while the back and sides are left longer.

Volume Wavy 

Square and angular faces complement the side-pushed quiff. These rounded sides balance angular faces.

Pushed Quiff


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