Popular Haircuts for Kids for 2023


French Crop

Another nice guys' style is the undercut. This undercut features a symmetrical French crop and fringe.

Combed Over

If you want a longer side part, consider this look. The sides and back are even and the hair is brushed to the side.

Undercut Slicked 

For older boys, an undercut is always a good choice. Here's a variation that is simple, neat, and classy.

Junior Pompadour

A towering pompadour might make younger boys unbalanced. Shrink the pompadour for better fit.

Curvy Brush

The top is brushed up and curled, giving it a bit of a soccer-inspired style, and the sides are undercut and tapered.

Brushed Up 

Here's a skateboarder variation. The thick, pocky top brushes up to the forehead.

Quirky Brushed

This one is right on that thin line between easy and hard, which makes everything even more clear.

Side Swept Little 

He is ready for a meeting and is going to win because his shirt is pushed back and he has a small quiff on his forehead.

Thin Haired

The frizzy look as a whole is so unique, with faded-out sides and a completely faded-out temple.

Textured Fringe

This textured haircut is great for guys with finer hair because it creates movement without volume.

Trending Haircuts for Kids for 2023

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