9 Small Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

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moon phases tattoo

The artist drew a variety of moon phases to represent the various stages of a person's life.

small skull tattoo

Complex, significant tattoos can be enhanced by a person's personal preferences in the arrangement of colour, style, and application.

dragon tattoo

Do not disregard a little piece of art that can be brought to life with epic significance for whichever dragon style tatt you choose.

quote tattoo

The 'Come Together' song appears to be the inspiration for this modest quote tattoo design.

3d small tattoo

3D tiny tattos can be applied by both men and women since they look so lifelike.

leaf design tattoo

Men and women can both benefit from this nature-inspired tattoo design.

couple small tattoo

Come with me. You've got my attention now.

sun wrist tattoo

When inking on the wrist, be prepared for some discomfort, as the skin is extremely sensitive while also containing little fat.

small rose tattoo

These little and brightly coloured flower tattoos look great on both men and women.

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