Nails That You'll Want to Try in 2023

This look was made for people who like simple nail art and people who have never tried it before because it is so easy to do.

Metallic Dots

Smith says that this fun rainbow-striped look was inspired by four of the colour schemes on the LGBTQIA+ flag.

Pride Stripes

This simple manicure involves painting each nail a different colour and applying white dots with a toothpick.

 Dotted Rainbow 

To make this look yourself, just use a thin art brush to paint half-moon shapes on each nail.

Negative Space

 designed a "transparent flower garden on the nails" after viewing floral Swarovski crystals online.

Floral Crystals

For this look, you'll need a lavender colour and a dark grape colour. You'll also need a crisp, opaque white.

Modern Purple

Then, using a thin line brush, draw wavy white lines to each nail in the same manner as seen above.

Evil Eye Accents

Use a stencil like this one to achieve the smoothest lines. As for nail paint, any black and white colours should work.

Black and White Colorblocking

"Dip your nail-art brush in acetone to make the polish runny to create a marble look."

Muted, Marbled Pastels

With a warm, muted terracotta orange, you'll look like an easygoing blogger who wears hats.

Muted Terracotta

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