Men Hairstyle Variations to copy in 2023

Another haircut with motion and depth, this style lets you achieve a messier look without looking out of place.

Mid Skin Fade

This undercut features a man bun on top, undercut sides, and a thin taper for a neat look.

Tapered Sides

This faux hawk undercut may be perfect. The top is messy and spiked, and the side part adds definition.

Undercut with Fohawk

Here's a faux hawk and side-swept undercut. The faux hawk's long fringe falls just below the eyes.

Faux Hawk

Brush ups go well with undercuts because they need help from the sides to bring the top into focus.

Stylish Brush 

This undercut highlights curly hair's natural movement. While the front is the focal point, the entire haircut is wavy and stylish.

Curly Undercut

This is a great example of how to style spiked hair. This textured haircut doesn't require long hair.

Undercut with Spikes

This light, high-volume cut is perfect for people who want an undercut but also want to try something new.


The top is short, and the sides are even shorter. We think this style is unique because the hairline in the front is even.

Shaved Neckline

The dense, curled top is great, but the sides make it. The side undercut and fade make the face look clean.

 Top with Neat 


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