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Square nails boost any style. Our nails naturally grow square, so depending on how sharp you make the edges, they can seem natural or like the corners might kill.

square nails

find rounder nails are difficult to remove. Rounded nails can seem natural or blunt depending on how they're formed, but overall they provide a cool look

Round Nails

Oval nails are straighter on the sides, which helps avoid a shorter, chunkier appearance. Oval form elongates fingers and elevates designs.

Oval nails

Almond-shaped nails are round and rounded with a little tip on top. Almond is ideal for those who can't commit to pointed nails but want more tip definition.

Almond-shaped nails

These sharp ladies on Instagram make you wonder how nobody's poked their eyes out yet. They're not as sharp as they seem and make a great accessory. 

stiletto nails

many like Ballerina Nails and Coffin Nails. These nails are almond-shaped, with rounded edges and a flat tip. Kylie Jenner regularly wears these.

ballerina nails

Flare nails are square-shaped yet V-shaped. The flared corners protrude further than the sides. These are wonderful for changing nail colour and design.

Flare nails

Edge Nails are less sharp and pointed than stiletto nails. They may get a similar effect without stiletto scratches.

Edge Nails

Squoval nails are flattened, circular, oval nails. They have no sharp edges and a natural form. Plus, square nails won't scratch you.

Squoval nails

Similar to almond or stiletto nails, Mountain Peak Nails peak shorter and quicker. The rounded sides give them a sharper tip, but they still have an almond form.

Peak Nails

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