Easy Ponytails for Everyday Hairstyles

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Adding abundant curls and a twisted back design will make your ponytail beautiful. This design is great for fancy events or school.

Twisted Back

This style has a dramatic, eye-catching volume. Teasing, tousling, and hairspray make this ponytail sassy and fabulous. Curl the tips for more body.

Intensely Volumized 

This twisted back style is quite easy. It gives a unique, stylish touch to your locks without going crazy, making it excellent for informal situations.

simple twisted

 You may rectify this by teasing the crown before drawing back your hair. Pull your strands around the elastic band to create a sensual, distinctive look. 

Messy Waves 

 Instead of a french braid ponytail, try a chain braid on the side of your mane; allow this lovely design thread through your ponytail. Love the depth and body.

Chain Braid

You don't need short hair to sport a faux hawk. This edgy design is inspired by the fake hawk trend, with a french braid on top and a centre ponytail.

Faux Hawk Ponytail

It's easy to volumize and style short hair. Start by teasing the hair at the crown and pulling it back into a mid-height ponytail. Continue teasing the strands for increased volume.

 Short Ponytail

It's easier than you think to add volume to long hair. Adding more elastic bands creates a bouncy, flirtatious finish.

Bubbly Ponytail

This elegant hairdo will make you look like an 18th-century roman princess. Add a thick band to an extra-high ponytail to add height and volume. Straighten your hair for a sleek look.

Sleek Extra-High


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