Easy Beauty Tips to Improve Your makeup

Apply Vaseline along the nail-skin border to maintain manicure . Wash your hands once your manicure dries to remove any polish that landed on the Vaseline.

 Vaseline for smudge-free manicure.

When you don't have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Dry shampoo may last longer if applied before bed.

Bedtime dry shampoo

This simple tip prolongs perfume: Don't rub perfume-applied wrists together (it makes it wear off faster).

Tap perfume on wrists, don't rub.

Tired of smudging, fading, or smearing lipstick? dab  enough powder  through a tissue. Follow this easy lipstick how-to for long-lasting colour.

Tissue-powder your lipstick

Lip liner is an easy way to make your lip color last all day.always match your lipstick's undertones.

Lip liner lasts longer

Highlighting your eye area might make you look more awake.

Matte highlight opens eyes

Everyone has stray facial and body hairs. Use loose powder to make hairs easier to find, grab, and pluck without stabbing.

Remove rogue hairs

Cutting cuticles is uncomfortable and can cause infections. If you want finer cuticles, use and massage cuticle oil daily. 

Soften your cuticles

Want bigger, more awake eyes? Nude eyeliner pencil on lower waterline. The mellow neutral tone is less harsh than white eyeliner, but it still makes your eyes look bigger.

nude liner

Great Homemade Hair Rinses

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