Diet Changes You Should Make After 60

Minimize Processed Foods

 Processed food is unhealthy. They're salty and full of preservatives.

Minimize High-Fat Foods

Fat makes oestrogen, which disappeared after menopause, so your body wants to gain weight. Fatty foods also harm your heart. 

Minimize Sugary Foods

Sugary meals aren't good for you. It's probably difficult to avoid sugar entirely so Reduce Sugary Foods.

Minimize Salty Foods

Excess sodium intake increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease.

Minimize Alcoholic Drinks

 Red wine has health benefits, but drinking too much will outweigh them.

Minimize Eating

 Bed Late snacking may add extra calories you don't need, leading to weight gain

Minimize Starchy Foods

 cut out starchy foods like bread, white rice, potatoes, and refined sugar, because poor, starchy diets increase the risk of developing the disease. 

Minimize Fruit

Fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fruit is sweet. Even while fruit sugar is "better," it's still sugar.

Minimize Dining Out

If you eat out every night or often, you may eat too much fat, sugar, and salt. 

Minimize Fast Food

You can eat out better than fast food. Planning and preparing ahead can help you avoid fast food on your way home.


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