cucumber benefits that could change your life

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Despite being low in calories, cucumber has plenty going for it on the nutrient front – specifically in its peel and seeds, which are the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit

There’s little more refreshing than a few slices of chilled cucumber on a hot summer’s day. ‘Cucumbers have a high water content, 95 per cent to be exact,’ says Twist.

Cucumbers contain high levels of cucurbitacin, a class of plant compounds. ‘Cucurbitacin is what gives the cucumber its bitter flavour, 

Thanks to high water content and the fact that they contain zero fat, 'cucumbers are an ideal snack for those looking to lose excess weight,’ says Twist

Like most vegetables, cucumbers aid the digestion process. ‘Cucumbers work to slow down your digestion thanks to soluble fibre,’ says Twist.

To further their gut-healthy properties, consider fermenting your cucumbers by pickling them at home. Cucumber pickles contain high levels of probiotics that feed your gut bacteria 

Believe it or not cucumbers also have blood pressure-lowering potential – in fact, several studies have linked the fruit with a reduction in hypertension (high blood pressure).

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