This undercut lets the waves take the lead and puts the locks on the front page to show off their power.

Messy High

The darker the hair, the less contrast there is between the shadows and highlights.

Shades of Blonde

The regulation cut was turned into the military cut because it looked good and was easy to keep up.

Wavy Regulation 

The sharp difference between hair and beard is a trendy twist to the conventional cut.

Tapered Side

A blast fade smooths wavy hair. Sides behind the ear are tapered and the back is longer.

Textured Burst 

For those searching for something new, this burst fade has a line design cut down the sides.

 Fancy Burst

This beautiful brush up uses the hair's natural wavy texture. Lighten up, and voilĂ ! Characterful appearance.

 Taper Fade

Most pomades have a bit of shine that makes your waves look wet and unkempt.

Drop Faded

We've all seen the odd line designs that barbers with a lot of expertise have produced for their customers.

Subtle Hairline

This trendy top has choppy layers and an uneven fringe, both of which are fashionable ways to style hair.

Uneven Fringes

10 Iconic Justin Bieber Haircuts

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