This style combines volume and neatness. The big side portion separates the hair wonderfully.

High Volume

This stylish hairdo is great for formal guys. We adore how this style emphasises blonde.

Side Pompadour

Many lads seek an active hairstyle. This high volume brush up conveys youth like few other haircuts

Volume Loose

Another type with dual hard components, this detachable side section is for older, fashion-forward guys.

Line Up

This side-swept design is suitable for all guys. It's a versatile haircut for casual and formal occasions.

Tapered Sides

The line-up is kid-friendly. Line ups offer a neat, well-kept look when matched with temple fades.

Faded Temple

The sharply separated hairline and pushed-back texture of medium-length hair are great.

Jet Part Cut

This skin fade haircut is incredibly clean. This style has textured top hair and even sides and back.

Textured Skin 

The shaved side makes it soccer-styled, while the short french crop on top enhances it.

Hardline Design

Try this hairstyle. It's easy to do and doesn't require much care, but it shows off the curls in your hair.

 Tapered Sides

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