Crazy Haircuts for Black Boys

A burr cut is just a super-short crop. Here, they pair it with a mid-fade to complete the look with a line-up.

Burr Cut

This afro flat top looks great at this height, and the low faded sides keep everything uniform.

Ready to Rule

Patterns and lines are key to any design, including haircuts. Why I love the side hardline.

Sharp Edge 

Try this if you like mohawks but don't want something extreme. Hair tapers into a subtle mohawk at the neckline.

Key Mohawk

This is another version of a flat top that is clean and orderly everywhere. A simple skin fade brings the eye up to the flat top.

Skin Fade

The flat top is an iconic style that's still popular today. It's a great option for boys with coiled, matted hair.

Top Line Up

A short cut is the best way to show off the texture and definition of tight natural ringlets.

Faded Temple

A short crop and natural taper make for an amazing look, but wait! I love this disconnected undercut with the cheeky shaved line.

Classic Taper

Long braids hang down like spider legs, and the square pattern on the top of the head is very pleasing.

Spider Braids

Consider this haircut. Two subtle hard parts add flair to short hair on top and skin-faded sides.

Curly Top

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