Best Gel Nail Polishes for a Long-Lasting

This gel nail polish won the GH Beauty Award and is a great deal for what you get.

Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Good Housekeeping's Textiles Product Reviews Analyst, who is a big fan of the line.

Gel Couture

It may be removed with minimal effort and will not cause any harm to your nails.

Shellac Gel Nail Polish

This polish takes a light to cure, but the result is chip-resistant, two-week colour.

Soak Off Gel Color

It's easy to layer tones to get your ideal colour. Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny are favourites.

GelColor Nail Polish

Beetles gel liners' thin brushes make nail art with pigmented polish easy.

Nail Art Gel Liner Set

It's packed with healthy elements like biotin and keratin to promote nail health.

Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

"Better than any manicure I've ever gotten in a salon or done myself at home!"

GEL Effect Nail Polish

It's chip-resistant and free of hazardous substances like formaldehyde.

7-Free Nail Polish

 Best Nail Strengtheners for Naturally Longer Nails

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