Best Nail Polish Colors to Self-Manicure With at Home

Gelish gives me the longest-lasting mani. DIY gel manicures are easy with a UV light.


The attractive nail colours range from spring and summer neons to winter darks.

Luxe Lacquer

If you ask anyone what their favourite nail polish is, Essie is likely to be at the top of the list.


We might not all be able to buy a Chanel bag, but we can all spend $28 on nail polish.


The themed collections, imaginative titles, and editorial marketing campaigns have always struck me as fashion-forward.


I adore the shiny look of a fresh coat, but it may rapidly turn into cracked and brittle nails.

 Sally Hansen

It comes in 400 beautiful shades that are safe for vegans and are made with a formula that is five-free.


Even in the white shade, it doesn't go on too thick or too thin so that you can't see the colour.


It's clear why people panicked. These polishes provide a deep sheen.

 Olive & June

Patriotic of July Nail Designs to Show Off

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