Best Haircut Variations for Little Boys

Green and red are complimentary. Give your red-haired baby boy a cut to highlight his green eyes and big cheeks.

Cute Faded

It looks good on everyone, no matter what age. And with that cute smile, he's ready to be the centre of attention.

Classic Hard 

Since most babies' hair is soft, you can use natural hair gel to impart texture to his hair. Just keep things light and uncomplicated.

Irregular Strands 

With a medium, angled side fade and a slicked-back style, he is definitely on the right track.

Classic Gentleman

This short, side-pushed hairdo is perfect for the boy-next-door. This technique is basic and foolproof.

Little Heart Throb

With french crop variations making a comeback on kids, don't be shocked if your guy gets scouted.


This scissor crop has gently textured fringe spiked into spikes. The hardline is a fantastic way to connect the fringe shape.

Textured Crop

This braided style is very eye-catching, with a neat pattern on top of the head and neat braids that are evenly spaced.

Smooth Blend 

This elegant, formal haircut is a traditional men's style, and it's terrific for tiny boys, too.

Junior Ivy

This trendy fringe style is great for a 7-year-old boy because it is young and has a lot of texture.

Neat Fringed 

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