How to hide a  bad haircut

Wash Your Hair

You can't judge a hairdo unless you try it. Wash and style your hair yourself for the finest results.

 Breathe. Look in the Mirror

One lousy haircut doesn't make you ugly. A terrible haircut doesn't change your image. You still have lovely eyelashes, cheekbones, and  beautiful lips.

More hats

If you hate your haircut and are too humiliated to wear it down, wear caps. Your new haircut could be an opportunity to try a new hat.

Bobby Pins 

Embrace Bobby Pins Even if bobby pins disappear before our eyes  you may use them to create cool hairstyles without a hair tie or long hair.

Try New Styles

Your hair will grow out of this cut. Explore new styles, products, and tools. Dust off the crimper you've had for a decade.

Top Knot Mastery

A topknot solves everything. If you have length, try the top knot, sloppy bun, or ballerina bun to hide a bad haircut.


Big headbands look great on everyone and can hide those annoying short layers that won't reach your bun.

 Eat Vitamins

The key is to eat a healthy, balanced diet with vitamins that help hair grow naturally.

Improve Your Accessory 

This is more of a distraction, but who's to say people won't notice your massive necklace or statement earrings? Also, shopping helps.


Try the cut before judging it. At least wear your freshly-washed, self-styled hair for a day. If the public likes the cut, you might too.

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