The straight cut is the easiest type of haircut for long hair because all of the hair looks like it is the same length. 

 Straight Cut

Similar to the straight cut, the U cut curls the ends of long hair to form a shallow U.

 U Cut

The V cut is sharper than the U cut. It's a haircut whose ends create the letter V at the back.

V Cut

Tapered cut is a type of straight cut in which the hair is cut in a straight line with tapered ends at the back, like this:

Tapered Cut

The layer cut is a popular and fashionable women's hairstyle. In a layer cut, individual hair strands are different lengths.

 Layer Cut

The shortest layers are in front and end an inch below the chin. These flicks or larger layers frame the face and are beautiful.

 Face Framing Layers

This layered haircut has simply two layers - one medium that ends a few inches above the face, and another lengthy.

 Medium and Long Layers

Unevenly layered haircuts are cut so that you can't tell where one layer stops and another begins.

Uneven Layers

The hair in the front of a step cut is cut in steps or very thin layers, but the hair in the back is not cut in layers at all.

Step Cut

Waterfall haircuts are layered haircuts with shorter front layers and longer back layers, giving the illusion of a waterfall.

Waterfall Cut

Bangs are a short front hairstyle. Bangs fall around the eyebrow, but can be longer or shorter depending on the aesthetic.


Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50