10 Stylish Undercut Hairstyle FOR MEN

Sharp lines and a dropped fade complement this cut. This style looks best with black hair, but it works for anyone.

Drop Fade

Nick shows us that an undercut doesn't take much work to pull off, even if it is simple and messy.

Clean Undercut

This minimal style is striking. Side-swept hair adds motion and visual interest to the dramatic skin fade.

Swept Undercut

This style creates novelty in a timeless classic by elongating the top and shortening the sides.

Paved Twin Hairline

This daring style has a long fringe, sides that are cut off, and a skin fade, which makes it very different.

 Long Fringe

This style is a bit different from the standard faux hawk because the faux hawk is brushed up in the front.

Undercut + Brushed

This undercut has a lot of texture and is casual. This windswept style is best for guys with thicker hair.

Messy Textured

Long hairstyles aren't always shags or curls; they can be pompadours with longer fluffs and sleek sides.

Long Top Pompadour

The hard part acts as an undercut plane, and its left side is taper faded and side-swept. This is a party and conference.

Swept Undercut

The sides and back are faded but kept long, giving this undercut a different look than most on this list.

Loose Curly

 Men Hairstyle Variations to copy in 2023

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