10 of the world’s tallest waterfalls

Angel Falls in Venezuela is thought to be the world's highest waterfall because it drops more than 800 metres.

Angel Falls

South Africa's Drakensberg. Tugela Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in the world, dropping 948 metres.

Tugela Falls

Victoria Falls is Zambia and Zimbabwe's tallest waterfall. Here, the Zambezi River drops 108 metres.

Victoria Falls

The Iguazu Falls are one of the world's most magnificent natural vistas and a favourite of Brazilian and Argentine tourists.

Iguazu Falls

Niagara Falls is in Canada and the US. but for its amplitude and 3,000 tonnes per second of fall.

Niagara Falls

This waterfall drops more than 60 metres and is located in one of the country's most spectacular settings.

 Skógafoss, Iceland

This 865-meter waterfall is Europe's highest. Near Sunndalsra, it's convenient to visit on your next trip to Norway.

 Vinnufallet, Norway

at 739m To experience this stunning cascade, visit Yosemite National Park, a prominent natural destination in the west.

Yosemite Falls, United States

Olo'upena Falls, on Molokai, features a 900-meter drop and is surrounded by mountains and heavy rains.

Olo’upena Falls, United States

This waterfall on the Kunene River is one of the most important in southern Africa. Although it drops 20 metres

Epupa Falls, Namibia

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