10 Helen Mirren Hairstyles for Women Over 50

A hairstyle that you could wear to a party. This is one of the most simple hairstyles, but it looks great.

Bun with Straight

This hairstyle features mostly left-side hair. Curled and pinned hair.

Hair curled 

If you want a wild and seductive hairstyle, this is the one for you. Your hair is short and sharp-looking.

Short Hair

If you want a hairstyle that makes you look younger and cuter, then this is it.


You have reverted to a haircut that consists of a bun and a few bangs that are straight.

Bun Bangs

Your hair is bobbed all the way down to your earlobe, and a few bangs are added to the style.

Bob Bangs

You can always go for a medium-length bob if you like your hair short but not that short.


Want your hair to look wavy and twirled? Then this is the right way to wear your hair; you should try it.

Wavy Bob 

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you like short hair that curls up nicely.

Curly Short

You don't have to look perfect all the time; sometimes you can also choose to look sloppy.

Messy Party 

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