10 Best Hairstyles for Square Face Over 60 Beauties

Try a messy short bob if you like to keep things untidy, whether it's your hair or your surroundings.

 Messy Short

This haircut may delight long-haired people. Medium hair is gorgeous.

Medium Length 

It will not only make you look more formal, but it will also make your face look more square

Side Part Straight 

The appearance of naturally thick hair can be made to appear fuller by cutting it into a bob style.

Blunt Bangs

It is not inappropriate to play around with your hair every once in a while.


It looks best on people with thick hair, just like a bob looks best on people with full hair.

Collarbone Length

It's time to surprise your girlfriends by showing them your outward flick hairstyle.

 Outward Flick

Your square face will look great with square bangs that are swept to the side.


We all tie our hair in a ponytail when we're in a hurry. Well, ladies, that's a great hairstyle.

 Messy Ponytail

If the volume of your hair is on the thin side, your best bet is to get side bangs that are light and airy.

 Light Side 

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